Throughout my four-year tenure as president of the California Teachers Association (2011-2015), I relied on Don’s counsel. His ability to see the big picture, to connect the political dynamics of a situation to a realistic appraisal of what’s possible, was always ethical and born out of his desire to help build more effective, productive relationships. He’s a consensus builder, and he knows how to bring the right people together to get things done.


Dean E Vogel Past president
California Teachers Association

Don is the “go to” guy when you are looking to get things done correctly and fast. His depth of vision is further complemented by his experience, industry connections and genuine desire to help. Don is a “one stop shop” solutions provider bridging the gap among the entrepreneurs of several generations.

Mitesh Patel Chairman & CEO
Privi Global Services

Don and his team reviewed our situation and accomplished in two weeks what we had been struggling to do for several months. When Don came onboard it was very comforting knowing we had someone to steer us through the entire process of securing our permits so we could get up and running and back to doing what we do best.

Adam Chaves President
Parking Company of America/CA

Don Attore has not only demonstrated the ability to get things done, but he operates by a code of getting things done the right way. For our organization, values and integrity are as important as the outcome, and Don brings that to his work.

Robert K. Ross M.D., President and CEO
California Endowment

Attore & Associates are more than advisors, they are partners. They believe in our mission and work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals.

Austin Beutner Founder
Vision to Learn

Don knows how to get things done. Period.

Marvin Kropke Executive Secretary
CA State Association of Electrical Workers

In utilizing his years of experience, Don is instrumental in bringing labor and management together in order to find resolutions. He has the ability to find mutual ground and common sense solutions, even in the most contentious situations.

Alan Shanahan Executive President
AFSCME Local 1902

Without Don Attore managing our campaign to get final approvals to build a football stadium in LA County we never would have succeeded. He put together a winning team and provided excellent leadership throughout the process.

John Semcken Vice President
Majestic Realty, Co.

The team at Attore & Associates makes our team better. They are always looking out for our company’s best interests.

Lucy Labruzzo US Managing Director
AECOM Energy

Attore & Associates has provided tremendous strategy and insight allowing us to enter the California health care marketplace. Their ability to understand politics and the many changes occurring in health care is impressive.

Brent Layton Senior VP, Business Development
Centene Corporation

Don has been instrumental in the growth and positioning of Safework in the construction management industry in California.  Safework would not be the company it is today without Don.  His guidance for the firm and for me, personally has been invaluable.  Thanks Don!


Rebecca Jones President & CEO

When I became the President of the CTA in 1999 it was a difficult time for the organization and having had the prior experience of being President of UTLA, I knew I needed to build an internal team of advocates. Don fulfilled all my expectations as a strong ally to both children and teachers. His high energy, enthusiasm and ability to motivate every age cohort, were hallmarks of his working style.  He played an important role on my internal team.  It is for these reasons I continue to be an ardent supporter of him and his efforts to improve the lives of the residents of the State of California as the CEO of Attore and Associates.

Wayne Johnson Past president
California Teachers Association & United Teachers Los Angeles